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Still Blogging

by Pj in Family

I haven’t stopped blogging.
I write.
I read.
I delete.
Its therapeutic.

I can paraphrase.
Yea…. Deleted again.
I am thinking of creating a blog where no one knows it’s me and I can say whatever I want and not feel bad or wrong or worried about being bad or wrong or worried.

Would you recognize me still?


Nothing Ever Gets Done

by Pj in Family

A conversation

– “Do you want to go? Really?”
– “No. I feel like I need to.”
– “Maybe you could start doing what you really want to do.”
– “If everyone did what they wanted to do, nothing would ever get done.”

I think Thomas Edison would disagree.

“I never did a days work in my life. It was all fun.” Thomas Edison

Ohhhh, the irony.


I have Two

by Pj in Information, Random


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