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Did You Know

by Pj in Family

I am aware this is old.
I am also aware if I watched this last year, I don’t remember.
This made me think about many things.
None of them pleasant.
What do you think?
Although one of the things I got from this little clip is that I don’t think. I have slowly been programed to respond to the stimuli. And I have to ask.
Who is Dave today? And if you don’t know who that is… Google him. I know you can do that because you and I have been programed to do that. No need to think anymore. Everything is at our fingertips. Everything except common sense and the wisdom to know when and how to shut it off.
Old is this, unaware am I.
HAL: I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.


10 With Wrinkles

by Pj in Family

I think I was 10. In my neighbors back yard I chased a lizard until he disappeared under a cracked cement slab. I wanted that lizard. I thought he would make a great pet. The neighborhood kids agreed and for a couple of hours we persisted. We tried luring with food. We tried badgering with sticks. As the afternoon faded away, the kids scampered to their homes for dinner. Not I. I waited and waited until finally he emerged and I pounced. To my utter surprise I felt the wiggle in my hands. Success.

I made a cardboard boxed home for the critter and placed him in it for his first evening of captivity. I went to bed content and proud.

In the morning he was gone. I was unfamiliar with a lizards climbing skills. It did not matter. I learned something that day. Stubborn determination can get what you want, but the reward is not always in obtaining the prize, unless the prize is discovering more of who you are and what you can do.

A part of me is still 10… with wrinkles.




by Pj in Film Production, Information, Random, Screenwriting

I have decided to self-study screen writing. I am reading many books on the subject because I am a tad stubborn. When it comes to others getting in my face and telling me how to do things I get my hair in the air and I take it personally.

Who died and put them in charge of knowing all things? Sometimes the discussion turns from gaining knowledge to ‘I can prove you wrong’. Such a waste of energy and time, but massages my pride somehow. Deflecting or projecting seems to distract and I can slither away none the wiser.

So reading allows me to learn and not feel isolated by the teacher pointing their sausage fingers at my evaporating mind while slowly grasping or not grasping the concept, any concept.

It is the feeling or knowledge that the writer slowly, and I believe slyly, introduces me to an idea or thought in a way that makes it mine. I smile smugly and for a moment I think, I am brilliant. This thought or feeling or idea is so clever, original and perfect.

Eventually, I stand and immediately stub my toe. EVERYTIME! Just a little reminder that whoever did die did not put me in charge and never will.

So I get it. Every chapter reinforces the message.

A screenplay is a story told with pictures.

I can do that, because I can read and learn and then do while limping ever so happily along.


Touch The Skies

by Pj in Family, Information, Random

We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise
And then, if we are true to plan
Our statures touch the skies.
Emily Dickinson


Are We There Yet?

by Pj in Family

Looks like we won’t be leaving!



by Pj in Family

I love watching my grown children love their significant others with gentleness and consideration. It is so sweet to me. There are few things that can open up a woman’s heart like tenderness. Any effort at authentic intimacy that touches the soul with little or no awareness of the body that shelters it will embrace more than can be imagined. If you are smart you will protect that precious gift. There is nothing more empowering than being honored, accepted, understood and loved unconditionally.


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