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Out to Lunch

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I cannot speak for all writers, but for me it is imperative to write everyday. Sometimes that means leaving a note on the kitchen to tell my world I am out to lunch.

Sometimes it means sitting in front of my computer and asking myself the hard questions.

What am I thinking?

What am I feeling?

More times than not I go to my kitchen and write the note.

Eventually I calm my mind and really address my thoughts and feelings. Usually it isn’t a very comfortable space. It is difficult to avoid myself because, obviously, I am always hanging around.

What could be so terrible with my thoughts and feelings? I don’t know. That they are mine?

My National Geographic cover this month headlines that the world is approaching 7 billion people. For some reason that doesn’t seem like all that much. I think because with budgets, terabytes, cups of ocean water, well billions seem pretty standard.

I don’t think the Earth agrees. So I started to think about how the earth might not be liking all this weight that 7 billion people are carrying on its surface. Might the earth be saying, enough people, time for some balance? So, here’s an earthquake which will trigger a tsunami, and a volcano, and all these people are messing with the ecosystem, it’s just going to cause weather issues which causes hurricanes, tornados and floods. Something a kin to spring cleansing.

Then I begin to think about how even the very nature of man contributes to the earths cleansing. Our nature to protect our own, provide for our own. Our own. It is so inclusive. The fight for “our” space has managed to diminish the population quite adequately for….ever.

And as a result we build buildings to survive the earthquakes. We build levies to withstand the floodwaters. We build shelters for bombs. We build and fortify and plan for the inevitable cleansing. Such a false sense of security as we ride the elevator to the stars.

7 billion people.

Lunch anyone?


Bad Streak…

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Sometimes being cocky just doesn’t pay off.



Last Chance

by Pj in Family

One thing that made me laugh this week.

I went shopping at Last Chance. This is a disgusting store. Apparently, Nordstroms Department Store accepts all returns from their customers. It doesn’t matter if you have worn it, washed it, stained it or ripped it.

Nordstroms then places these returned items into their Last Chance store. Sometimes you can find amazing deals. Heres an example, an $800 pair of Salvatore Ferragamo boots on sale for $49.00. Even if you don’t know anything about Ferragamo, you know that’s a deal.

So, sitting next to my growing pile of boots, I quite naturally observed the other customers. What treasure did they uncover when along came ‘Miss I’m all that and a piece of cake’. Never mind that she was in the basement-shopping store with the rest of us cock roaches.

“She invests more time, energy and money in shoes then she does in her marriage.”

Now there’s a metaphor for you.

Last Chance anyone?


The Pose

by Pj in Family

My kids call this “their pose”. I am not sure why they think they have the cutest booties around, but they do.

Got to love em!


Fund Raising Season

by Pj in Family

It was such fun to watch Ciera participate in Joseph the Amazing Dream Coat. She has been very fortunate to be selected in the last two plays she has auditioned for. I don’t think she had any idea that this production would have the state and now perhaps the national recognition this ensemble is receiving.

This week-end started with the last two performances at the Mesa Arts Center on Friday, a Saturday morning performance on TV and finally Saturday nights finale. I spotted the national judges and observed them throughout the performance and then I followed them out hoping to overhear their critique. They both looked elated to have witnessed such a professional production by our local high school. They were as engaged as the loyal audience members. It would be difficult not to be! The kids did great and everyone could tell they were having a ball! It didn’t hurt to have the house sell out both nights! Amazing!

For us we just sat back and enjoyed our daughter enjoying her life. After two months of practices, performances, taxi service, costumes and late nights we all deserved this last weekend.

Now we get to wait some more to see if they will be one of the four schools selected to go to nationals in Nebraska. After seeing the judges faces I think it is safe to say, start the fund raising!


Really? Really? Really?

by Pj in Family

I can now sleep well at night.



by Pj in Family


Oh well, made me laugh…


Happy New Year

by Pj in Family

We started the New Year by doing something so unlike us, taking OUR picture. Rather difficult when everyone has an opinion, it is freezing and everyone has an opinion. Did I mention that everyone has an opinion? Saac was trying to set the shot up and then remotely taking the picture. I could tell that was exhausting.

It felt great to be out of doors exercising, even if it was freezing on this first day of 1/1/2011. I want to believe the exercise part is indicative of the coming year. I suppose that would require choosing it and then acting upon it. Eating A LOT of food after our adventure was also included in tonight’s activity. I could use less of that overindulgence. At least I can hide behind Chris!

Of course being with my girls was a fun moment. Can not believe how grown up they are. When did that happen? They love to tease me about everything I do and say! They made me buy those jeans today. Reminds me of when I made my Mom buy a mini skirt.

Hope you and yours make this a wonderful year! That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

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