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Wants Not

by Pj in Random

Splatter the page with covert words.
Suffocating between the sheets.
Confused, contrived and denied
Expire in heartless stead.

Until what is alleged is understood.
What is sensed suffereth long.
The lines and pauses and pages persevere.
Suppressed lips liberate censored wrongs.

Others will own and mirror what they will.
Embracing the pain they fraught.
The words suspend in mid sentence still
The tacit sound of silence wants not.


The Point

by Pj in Film Production, Random, Screenwriting, Teaching

I have many moments where I think, “what is the point”? It doesn’t matter what project I am working on, some days I wonder why I ever thought “it” was important or worth my time and energy.

Today I finished a book called THE HELP. As I came closer and closer to the end of the book I became more and more anxious because I knew it was going to end. The characters I had discovered and learned to love, or not love so much, would soon be a memory of my imagination.

However, the lessons those characters learned and by extension, I learned, are still rolling around in my head and in my heart. Ideas and thoughts and feelings have reminded me of values and ideals I value and cherish and want to embody.

How could reading or writing or painting or composing ever be a waste of time? How could I ever think creating does not have a point.

Creating IS the point.



by Pj in Family

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” Mahatma Ghadhi

The new plastic, teflon, fossil fuel, hairspray, pesticide, fluorocarbon, holocaust.

Exaggeration? Perhaps you are not paying attention. I know I wasn’t. I’m too busy living my life. What a luxury. I love technology probably more than the average citizen, but I don’t value it more than the lives of my fellow world citizens.

Do you know that the genre of horror is really when humans treat others humans inhumanly? It is not necessary and can not be justified.

Madness is badness of spirit, when one seeks profit from all sources. Aristotle.


Determined to Succeed

by Pj in Family

Time to celebrate.

We received our first rejection to one of our query letters concerning AMAI.

Some day they will regret that decision.

A true story about an amazing woman who empowered a people, a country and the world.

Yea, I can see why they wouldn’t be interested.

Let’s stick to stories that are real. Stories that have blades coming out of a man’s fist. Or maybe the one I saw this week…no that isn’t even worth admitting that I saw. I was smart enough to wait to see it at the dollar theater. Kudos to me.

I sent out another batch of letters this week. I know, I am a glutton for punishment, but I believe in the story. I love the character and I am inspired by her determination.

So, I will keep mailing them. After all, if she can free a country with her determination, shouldn’t I be able to sell a script with mine?


Newly Wed

by Pj in Family, Random

Benjamin and Breann

June 19, 2010






Friends had way too much fun
lighting up sparklers, but they
wished them well as they began
their adventure together.



Mothers dance

Sweet moment in the evening was
hearing my son ask the crowd
where his Mom was.
I was watching. I will always be




June Gloom … NOT

by Pj in Family, Random



After breaking down in the heat of the Arizona sun…

We arrived too late for an evening Newport swim, but the next day….
we managed to recuperate and get ready for….



Was way too much fun! We closed the park down! Love Splash Mountain. And I am a survivor of Tower of Terror.

Aren’t I cool? Yea, I am!

More sleeping, more sun, more fun!


Love my peeps!

Could use less of the peeps from the little peeps.
Escaped in the wee morning hours and read to my hearts content. Love Jane Austin. Felt a little trepidation when the earthquake hit. But we managed to go with the flow.

I must admit it was difficult to relax knowing I would be home for 48 hours before the festivities began to celebrate Ben and Breann’s wedding. But I managed.





Ben and Breann’s Wedding!

Could June get to be more fun and memorable?
Seeing friends and family this weekend just might make it so!

And those we don’t get to see… well, we’ll miss you.

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