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Samual Keith Bowman

by Pj in Family

Days Gone By – A visual remembrance of Uncle Keith and the Bowman Boys.

Uncle Keith passed away last week. He lived a life full of service and good will. This weekend many Bowmans will gather together in Utah and remember him and his siblings. It will be fun to hear the Bowman boys mixed up with two generations. Click on the his picture to enjoy the video of days gone by.


Be Prepared

by Pj in Family

‘Chance favors the prepared mind.’ Louis Pasteur



by Pj in Random

Chances are, if you are in a committed relationship you are or were first engaged. I used to call it in gagged, as in unable to speak. What should be true is just the opposite. Un-gagged. The freedom and pleasure of having someone to speak with at any given moment for any given reason.

I believe that many who marry fail to stay engaged. Just the word implies action and effort. Work. Those who are engaged don’t think of it as effort or work, but as something akin to bliss and delight and pleasure. Statistics show they get over that.

It helps to be engaging. It’s easier to attract and hold someone’s attention that way. But then should you have to be on 24/7?

It is easier to keep up then to catch up.

Stay engaged.


Grad Night

by Pj in Family, Random

I wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact I experienced on Friday. I was sitting in the stands watching my first born receive his BA from ASU and I was overwhelmed with pride.

He pretty much did this all on his own. At times it was sheer determination as he overcame unexpected obstacles and triumphed. He has discovered his own inner source of courage and fortitude. I believe he is a stronger individual and has the confidence to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

He has become a good man. He could, like many with his life experiences, find fault and excuses and bitterness, but he choose a better path of forgiveness and personal responsibility. He has risen above his circumstances and lives a life of joy. He lives a happy life. He is at peace.

So as I sat and realized that was my boy down there, the tears welled up. I was not ashamed of them. This is my boy. He has done good because he is good and no one can take that from him. No one. He deserves this day. He earned it all by himself.


Chocolate Milk Diet

by Pj in Random

You know it’s going to be a good day when the first thing you read is that drinking chocolate milk three times a day is a great way to loose weight and stay healthy.

I feel a real sense of responsibility to be a part of the survey. I will post my results as soon as the results are realized unless the resulted results result in a negative result in which case I will resort to the Dr. Pepper test.

Don’t fret. There isn’t a Dr. Pepper test… yet.

Have a nice cold chocolate milk on me!


It’s Done and So Am I!

by Pj in Family

Finishing a script, for me, is never what I expect.

In the beginning, when I am reading and researching and discovering the story I am beyond anxious to get to the writing of the story. I keep envisioning scenes and moments that I cannot wait to create on paper. Did I mention that I cannot wait!

Then the writing begins, finally! But, invariable it is intermixed with more research, as I reassure myself that my facts are right. What is true is, it would be impossible to write all the facts. Well, one could, but that would be called an encyclopedia and who wants to watch that on the big screen? So, trying to condense the story while still providing the emotion and educate and entertain. Tricky stuff. Painful stuff. Agonizing stuff. There comes a point when I cannot wait to stop writing! And usually there are many times when I do…stop writing, for days. I lose the essence, the theme, the purpose. Everything seems so inconsequential. I mean really what is life about? Blah, blah, blah. Hence, the benefit of a writing partner.

The final read through was Monday. And it felt sooooo good…. for about two hours. Done. Done. Done. Happy, happy, happy.

Finishing a script. Totally overrated. Not really.


Do Digitize

by Pj in Film Production

Today I was digitizing a clients HI8 video when I discovered wedding footage for another client. I let her know what I found and she rushed over to view footage she never even knew existed!

I don’t know why I get such a kick out of watching their faces relive their lives. It tickles me.

Unfortunately there is a down side. Some of their tapes are damaged from heat, time or magnet exposure. Seeing their looks of despair is not fun.

Sooooo, don’t wait any longer. Take your clips to any local digitizer and get the job done. You will be glad you did and you will have some fun family moments remembering “the good old days.”

Precious, priceless, possible.


May Amai

by Pj in Film Production, Screenwriting

It was March of 2008 when we started this journey with AMAI.

Today, we wrote the ending scene.
AMAZING! Now the fun begins.

Selling this puppy.

But first, I think I will sleep and eat and drink Dr. Pepper.
I hope it is a warm day tomorrow because I’m biking
and swimming and chilling for an entire day!

Want to come have fun in the Arizona sun?



June Groom

by Pj in Family, Random

I Have told my children that I don’t think it is a good idea for me to produce their wedding pictures or video. It is one thing for someone else to boss them around, but your mother?

So I found myself this week trying to do what all mothers do. Whatever the children ask. Someone slap me please!

June 19th. At least we are taking care of business early so we can enjoy the festivities of the day.

Just to be very clear, I will not have a camera in my hand that warm June day! Right Ben? Ben?

Photo by Mom

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