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Defiantly Sane

by Pj in Random

Someone told me that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So for 2010 let’s change it up some. What do you say! Unless you like those insane moments that measure your life!

This week our household will be diminishing by almost half. After we get back from taking Wistie up to school we will be moving her bed upstairs to Ben’s room. He is moving out within the week. I offered to move him sooner, but he declined. He is already in Utah waiting for me to bring his snowboard equipment. Hope I remember to bring it. Of course he kind of placed it in the front foyer so I would trip over it. Smart boy.

The first time I experienced the empty nest I felt a little sad. Our house felt so empty, but slowly as the bills decreased, the noise decreased and the work decreased I kind of enjoyed it. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy their company, their friends, their comings and goings. But those solitary moments felt so…liberating. I started to embrace the time that was just mine.

So, 2010 is already changing it up without my help or consent. Good thing because I really wasn’t feeling comfortable sitting with my legs hanging over the edge of insanity anymore. Nothing like jumping into the unknown to make you feel alive again. Scared, unsure, but defiantly sane!


Bah Hum Bug!

by Pj in Family

What is worse than returning items with the receipt only to be told you need the debit card for a refund or you can have store credit?

Oh, oh,, oh I know, having way too much chocolate and sugar and cookies and candy on Christmas and trying to return items for OTHER people the day after Christmas. That is not chestnuts roasting in the fire. That is my scalp splitting into tiny puzzle pieces.

I realize the sales girl or boy is not responsible for their store policies, but I would like to say I am not responsible for the consequences of those policies. Glaring, insulting and/or hurting those employees who have the audacity to shrug with indifference and pour salt on the wound by yelling at me as I storm out of their store, “have a merry Christmas!” is minor compared to what I envision doing to them, their stores, their merchandise, their tire!

Give me my money. You should not have the right to force me to buy from your store. I have the receipt! I don’t care if they paid with a debit card, credit card or get out of jail free card! You got the money for the item. I am returning the item, with tags, now give back the money.

One out of 5 items had, gasp a gift receipt. “Oh, you have a gift receipt. Sorry you can only get an exchange card.” What is the point of the gift receipt? Remember when we bought the item and they asked, “do you want a gift receipt for that?” Remember that? Sure! That way they can return the item if they don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit, or it is ugly!

But, NOOOOOO. Even with items paid with cash, the real stuff, the stores are saying, sorry, only exchange card. What the…. Now give me my money back you morons!

I know it could be worse. I could have the misfortune of not having any receipt and only being able to get the sale price. Or, wait until the crowds diminish and find out the “time period” for returns have passed.

I think instead I will wrap up these items and give them back to the giver. Nothing says thank you more than…. take this gift and…. Have a merry Christmas!



by Pj in Family

Christmas night Ben asked Breann to marry him. And she said….yes! So, our family is growing. We think Breann is a wonderful girl. Very kind and she has a very important requirement for our family, a sense of humor. b&b


The Night Before…

by Pj in Family

This year Ciera made the kids their Christmas pj’s. DSC_0251This was suppose to be a teaching moment. Not sure exactly what was learned, except that we are all suppose to wear our pj’s around our necks!

It is the thought that counts. That is what they say. I was just wondering who “they” is. I would like a word with “they”. If you have their number that would be great! In the mean time, Ciera was able to learn not only sewing, but the great art of laughing at oneself. I think that is an admirable quality. And frankly, around here a necessary one if you want to not be crying, like all of the time! DSC_0253

Like any professional model, Ben realized it was all about presenting the attire for the audience to capture the essence and possibility. No doubt everyone will be asking Ciera to reproduce these lovely items for their own children before the next holiday season. DSC_0258

All that matters is that they were able to stop laughing long enough to give their signature pose. DSC_0239

By this time I could not contain myself. I kept clicking away hoping that one, just one picture would turn out from my shaking camera! Success! I think. DSC_0226

And finally, the ones who made this year unique in soooo many unexpected ways! All I have to say is, thank goodness there is only 6 more days of 2009. You guys are something else! Emphasis on ELSE!DSC_0233


Jolly Holiday

by Pj in Family

I believe this has been a fun holiday season!

How you deal with hard times really does teach yourself how you deal with life. For us, we choose to chill with friends and family and just live in the moment, Superman style!DSC_0198
There is nothing that says, “good friends” like sharing underwear. DSC_0185

In my defense, I warned this motley crew to take their white elephant gifts with them this year. But NOOOOO. They left them behind, wrapped, under my tree! So, to show my appreciation, I want to share some priceless moments. DSC_0193

Merl and his Angle of Mercy. How he and others adored her! ALL of her!


This grandma keeps showing up, year after year. We are never quite sure what she is doing, but it doesn’t look good! DSC_0201

Jen stole the show this year. Jamie laughed so hard she started to have contractions! Bill gave her the thumbs up! So you go Jen! DSC_0205

Nothing says Merry Christmas like being merry together! Thanks guys for a fun night. See you next year.

Grandma will be back!


New Years Resolution – Do IT!

by Pj in Family


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Memo to Self

by Pj in Film Production, Screenwriting

Have I mentioned that writing is hard?

I should perhaps clarify.

Having someone read your work, the work you spent 6 months researching. The work you spent another month outlining. The work you spent 6 months writing only to have “people” read it and say, “nice writing, but ( I HATE that word) needs to be more dramatic.

Do you remember seeing Popeye get so mad that steam was coming out of his ears?
That would be me.

images-1I have been reading a lovely book this month. (my Christmas gift I give to myself every year) This book was written especially for writers, BIRD BY BIRD, breaks writing down and also encourages the writer in ways that I find validating and possible. One of the chapter’s talks about letting the character tell their story. I shared this tidbit with my writing partner and while she traveled she thought about it and came up with ideas on how to improve the story mentioned above..

Of course she had to sit me down for a chat and gently explain that the story needed to be rewritten. I was stunned, hurt, disillusioned and well, frankly, I ate a lot last week.

This morning I woke up and realized that they or she or whoever was right. It does need to be more dramatic and more exciting. I know this story and I can do that and further more, I will!

Did I mention that writing is hard?


Social Stuperiors

by Pj in Random

In America everybody is of the opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors, for, from the time of Jefferson onward, the doctrine that all men are equal applies only upwards, not downwards.
Bertrand Russell

What is it with class distinction?

I mean, think about it. Doesn’t America, the very name inspire the possibility of acceptance and of equality.

rich man poor girlHow many times a day do we assess being less than or more than those we meet, associate with or read about at the grocery stand?

Is it a conscious conclusion? They are wearing shabby clothes therefore they must be… poor, uneducated and not worth our respect and consideration.
Nice suit. Smart man. Rich man. He must be worth…more than me.

I have witnessed the acceptance of people who for generations were thought of as “odd”. And once they acquired money they bought acceptance, but when misfortune occurred (and it always does) than zero tolerance resulted and rejection shortly followed.

It doesn’t’ even seem to matter how one acquires money and power just as long as one maintains it. Do a little research in the powerful families of the United States. The majority of them, well let’s just say, their hands got a little dirty.

And it seems silly but I feel it must be acknowledged, education does not equate to being smart. It really doesn’t. Anyone can study and learn and pass tests and get degrees. But someone somewhere has decided that those who spend time studying are somehow better and more civilized and deserve more respect than those who have equally beneficial life lessons, but, no diploma.

And we believed it and still do!

This is the final test of a gentleman: his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him. William Lyon Phelps


Birthday Wishes

by Pj in Family

DSC_0171Today was Christopher’s birthday. It always seems to fall around Christmas time! What is up with that?

I think he is going for the Santa look this year. He and his boys are having a beard contest. I think he is winning.

This year Wistie and Saac got him the exact same card! I think he got everything he asked for or needed. This year I was smart. I took him shopping with me. That way he would not have an excuse to return anything. Although the year he picked out his guitar he still returned that!

DSC_0137So, Christopher, Happy Birthday. By the time you read this it will probably be my birthday, but you never know. And I just want you to know I think you make lovely children. They are kind…like you. Funny…sometimes like you. and cute…so like you! Hope you had a wonderful day.

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