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Told You So

by Pj in Random, Screenwriting

ARGHH, One of the things I tell my clients, my friends, my family is back it up! That means investing in an external hard drive or paying an online back up program. I say go for both! I believe that everyone will be utilizing the online back up programs in the near future. These companies must have back ups themselves or they would be… not smart. The problem I hear right now is that you need to have internet to upload and download and that it can take a chunk of time to do it. Then if, the worse happens, and it will, you have to retrieve that info and it will take TIME! Oh yea, computers are suppose to save that!

So for the last two days guess what I have been doing? Even though I backed up my files, programs and information I still had to spend time re-installing the software. That’s right folks. Your back up saves your information, not your programs. Once you re-install the programs, you can link your info back in. I know of no easy way to get through this except one mind numbing minute at a time. Another reason to keep those serial numbers. And don’t store those on your computer for obvious reasons. Right now your serial numbers can be located in the file called…about (blank) blank meaning the name of each and everyone of your software programs. Go on check it out and right them down. On a piece of paper… with a pen. You remember how to use those right? Don’t tell me latter. Latter might, no, will be too late!

So, if any of you creative genius’ are looking to make a million or more, may I suggest figuring out a simple way to back up programs, info and files? I’d really like to get back to what I love doing… writing.

Love the stories we are working on! LOVE THEM. (sorry I digress)

And, fortunately, I backed those up in a really weird way. I E-mailed the current version like an hour before the melt down occurred. THANK GOODNESS! Still, these last two days have been very unpleasant. There has been crying and weeping and chocolate intake. I am off to beat Ben up in Wii boxing.


Second Step

by Pj in Family

elephantNow that you have your photos categorized, dated and in order, you probably have started down the path of memory lane and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Stop it. Remember, one bite at a time.

The important part of any successful operation is organization. This process has already begun. Remember there is no right or wrong way to organizing. Every mind is different. Some organize by year, others by events and others by people. Looking to see how others do it is a good idea only if you discover what feels comfortable for you. What works for YOU.


What you are trying to accomplish is to get your content into your computer. We will discuss tomorrow how to make that happen. Right now we need to discuss organization. There are many photo programs out there. iphoto, bridge, photolibrary to name a few. I use them all. But I choose to keep my original photos in their raw format in a folder on my desktop. That is my recommendation. So, I recommend, at this point, to create a folder on your desktop labeled Pictures or Photos. Inside that folder you create other folders based on your organization. In mine I have each of my family members names and other folders that help ME identify where my pictures should be placed. In each of their folders I have more folders. Inside the folder labeled Pj I have a folder labeled Pjjust, Those are pictures of just PJ alone. This picture gives you an idea of how yours could look. Remember to make it your organization. It has to make sense to you. You can always add more folders or delete the ones you end up not using. You also need to understand that you can place a copy of the same picture in multiple folders. Folder Layout

For those of you who are concerned about how to make a folder. Do not ask your kids! You can do this. You are already siting at your computer. Point your mouse anywhere on your computer screen that does not already have an icon. mouseYour mouse usually has two buttons side by side. One is the left button the other the right. If you click the right button you will see a menu come up on your screen. One of the item choices is “new folder”. Click on that and a new folder appears on your screen with the name “untitled folder”. Do you see it? It is ready and waiting for you to rename it. So start typing. Photos or pictures. Your choice. Cool! You now have your photo folder. Now click on the picture of the folder itself. It opens up and…nothing is in the folder…yet. Right click again inside the folder and you have the same menu for new folder again. Now create your folders and sub folders renaming them as you go along. Piece of cake! nibble nibble.


One Bite At A Time

by Pj in Family

elephantThis last weekend, I spent some time up in the White Mountains at a Women’s Retreat. Since I am a documentary filmmaker, they asked if I would come and give a presentation about documenting their lives. In the past, most people resorted to personal journals and photo albums as the tools to capture life experience. The digital video age has created new opportunities to more fully capture one’s history. So, I agreed to do it.

As I prepared for the weekend, I kept making notes of things NOT to forget, mistakes that I made and operating practices that have come to serve me when I’m putting a documentary (large or small) together. So, for my faithful blog readers, I thought I might make a few suggestions. Be forewarned. What I have learned over the years is that everyone I have ever introduced to this medium LOVES it. They love being able to take their pictures, capture events and meaningful moments and then create a film about their lives. So, for those who want to start eating this elephant, here we go!

The FIRST major step in documenting your family history is:

  1. Gather all of your photos.
  2. Decide on your categories. This could be individuals, events or whatever categories you like.
  3. Then play the toss game. You can do this as a family. Everyone take a pile of photographs and start tossing them into the appropriate box.
  4. Once they are in their box, go through and place them in date order more or less. I suggest, if age appropriate that each individual can sort by date best. Let’s face it. They like looking at themselves and this also triggers memories.
  5. So If I were you I would have your video camera set up on a tripod and record your family doing the toss game.

Tomorrow, SECOND major step! You can do this. This is an easy bite!


Birthday Wishes

by Pj in Family, Random

dad502Watch a visual birthday card, if you wish, starring my father. George Lauriston Green

Today is my father’s birthday. He is still having fun! He and my Mom have seen the world together. This last year he completed another of his goals, visiting each of the states. I don’t know what else is on his bucket list, but I am sure we will find out!

Hope you had a great day. I am grateful for all you did on my behalf.

Thank you and love you.


Who Am I?

by Pj in Random

One of my many nicknames is Dory and this is why…. I think.

“Dory: I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family… At least I think it does… Where are they?”

I best be careful. I might be sued for quoting a movie.


Welcome Home America

by Pj in Random

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use. Soren Kierkegaard

Several years ago after I called the President an idiot and a liar, I received many stern reprimands from my fellow Americans. They strongly requested that I refrain from calling our President such things. “He is our president and you should respect him and his position.” Apparently, I had crossed the line. Discussion was over. Dialogue was not tolerated. They were unwilling to even listen as I tried to defend my position. Wow. How …. un-American to not be encouraged to share ideas and feelings. Whatever happened to freedom of thought and speech? I felt stifled and quiet honestly a little fearful. I could deal with being ostracized from those who could not tolerate associating with people of differing opinions, but there was evidence that those who differed from the President suffered more serious consequences than that of social outcast.

Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice

Freedom of Speech - Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Speech - Norman Rockwell

Recently, I have witnessed, along with everyone else, the discussion and dialogue amongst fellow citizens who agree or don”t agree with the current President. And after feeling a bit perplexed and disillusioned, at the end of this day I finally feel… free again. We are actually living in the American society I believe our forefathers envisioned. A land where thought, all thought, is encouraged. A land where, freedom, all freedom is embraced. A land where equality for everyone is not the exception, but the law. A land where all law abiding citizens can pursue their individual interests, express their individual opinions and defend their individual values.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington

I acknowledge there are powers using and abusing this system to promote their agendas. But what is true is that we can choose to listen to and embrace whomever we choose… again. We can discuss and debate amongst each other… again. We can yell at town meetings… again. We can actually consider differing ideas and contemplate all the infinite possibilities… again. We can be creative in finding appropriate solutions… again.

Welcome home America.


Divided We Will Fall

by Pj in Random

The history books of the United States document the issues that have divided our country. It also documents the moments that have united us. I am bombarded daily with emails from friends, colleagues, family members and strangers about our most current division. Dare I say the toxic words? Health care. This deadly issue has infiltrated our country, our life, our relationships. It is strangling us. There seems to be two monologues sparring but no true dialogue. No discussion. I am reminded of the story about being at an elegant dining table where everyone’s arms are too long to feed themselves. Onlookers were dumbfounded. Why didn’t these two groups just reach across the table and feed each other?

I am suggesting that perhaps the best answer lies between us, within us, and among us. I believe we are all trying to find what is best and right. We are Americans after all. All for one and one for all. We have been taught from history that decisions will be made. Not making a choice is still making a decision. What we are not always aware of are the consequences in the long run, whether they will be good or bad. Some of the known consequences can be examined. Others can be anticipated. Some will be a surprise, hopefully pleasant ones, but undoubtedly, there will be some we wished we could have diagnosed. And some we should have foreseen.

As citizens in our communities we naturally quarantine ourselves with those with similar symptoms. What is true is that there will be victims in both camps. Will the runners with the antidote arrive soon enough? When they do, let us hope we will be wise enough to let them through our barricades.

The health of our nation may depend on it.

Perhaps you can take a moment to consider the other side… or not


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