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Coyote, The Trickster

by Pj in Random

Last year we finished a screenplay called COYOTE. It isn’t about coyotes, but there is some symbolism in the choice of names.

Anyhow. The story takes place on the Paiute Indian reservation. So this weekend, when we were up north, Chris took me to see the dinosaur tracks located on the Navajo reservation. He had gone there the week before and had thought it was pretty cool.

Flying bird dinosaur

Flying bird dinosaur

A little old Indian lady had showed him around the site the week before. She was very kind and helpful and asked for nothing in return.

On Friday, when we returned, she was not there. In her place were other tribe members. Since Chris had experienced the site the previous week, he headed straight for the tracks, claws and fossils. He got about 6 feet when one of the Indians told us that we were on private land and (for a contribution/donation) he would be willing to show us the sites.

This claw is about 6 inches long. OUCH!

This claw is about 6 inches long. OUCH!

Now I was a tad confused, but Chris asked how much and with alcohol-laden breath, he responded with, “whatever you think is fair.” The “tour” he stumbled us through took a total of 8 minutes.

Along the way, he told us where he lived, how many children this little gig of his was meant to support (2) and that a University came and prepaid the tribe for the use of their land and did studies on the site. He could tell he wasn’t impressing Chris so he decided to woo me. The smell of liquor on his breath led me to believe that any money received would not be going to his children!

One big foot print!

One big foot print!

As we returned to the car, he asked for payment. Chris handed him $5.00, which totally offended him. I usually get 10.00 dollars per person!

I don’t know about this arrangement. You advertise that the dinosaur tracks are there for the viewing and then you tell us that it is private land and for an undisclosed donation/contribution you would show us around.

Can’t imagine shooting a film around here. The logistics would be a nightmare. Too bad because it would be awesome!


On The Road Again

by Pj in Random

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Chris has been working up North for awhile. I invited myself to tag along yesterday. He humored me and took me to the Grand Canyon and one of my favorite places, Sedona. It was nice to get out of the city for a couple days. We drove into the cliffs. Chris always thinks if we go just a little further we will find the perfect picture. Hate it when he is right!

Self Taught

by Pj in Random

For two days I have been studying a new software program.glat
Two days.
I read, then practice, then sigh, then reread. Then try again.
I am on page 36.
I don’t think I register any more on the learning curve.
I have flat lined.

A few years ago I started taking classes to re-educate myself. I had been out of the country for 17 years and I fell way behind! My first week of class I realized I was in trouble. I came home and studied. And I cried… a lot!

But I Persevered. I received A’s in my class. I earned them, but more important I learned! I know. It’s an amazing concept.

This over 50 age bracket is tough. It can be daunting. Those kids, my kids, are so quick! But, I know something… actually I know many things they do not…. and I ain’t telling. It really would be a waste of time and breath. And I get shortness of breath now-a-days. So why bother. I’m not hitting my head against any more of those walls!

For today, all I know is I got through page 36, chapter 4. It took me two days, but It felt good. I learned. I self taught. I don’t know why that makes me happy, but it does.paddles

Yep, there’s a blip on the monitor.
No need to defibrillate… yet.

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill



by Pj in Random

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

Frank Tibolt


Traveling Companions

by Pj in Family

pjwbfight.jpgDriving to L.A. is not my idea of a good time, but on this business trip I asked Wistie to accompany me. That way I would have someone to keep me company on the road. While we were there we spent 33 minutes at the beach. We just had to feel the sand between our toes. We almost bagged it and jumped/fell/pushed/shoved in the waves, but the idea of driving home all gritty wasn’t that appealing.

pjwbbeach2.jpgOne of the conversations we had was about work. I talked about Chris and his ability to always enjoy whatever he was doing. I think he says his motto is, “if your going to do a job, do it well,” but I think his motto is, “Life is work so you might as well enjoy it.” So, we decided to follow his example and enjoy it.

wbjump.jpgI love watching my kids seize the day. While we were sitting on the beach and I was thinking about the LA traffic before us, I suggested we had better get on the road. Wistie quickly jumped back up and ran to the water. I guess she wanted to prolong the agony as long as possible. Funny girl.


We asked this man walking down the beach to take our picture. He asked us if we were both going to jump. I said no, but thanks for asking. He smiled, took the picture and handed me back the camera. There was a look of sadness in his eyes. He spoke quietly. “enjoy”. Made me wonder if he wished he had more “joy” with his family.


I believe we did. Wistie was a compatible traveling companion. Although she wouldn’t share her blanket at night. What is up with that?


Sharing Self

by Pj in Random

shirt.jpgThis last year we had a client celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They planned a celebration in the White Mountains with 50 of their closest friends. We were to spend the weekend capturing the three-day event and provide a video to the participants to commemorate their participation. Prior to the event, we were asked to assemble a video about their married years for the opening ceremony. We scoured their photographs and home movies for images that revealed the core of their relationship … and with the new age for video recording, most people have an excess of footage! They were not an exception.

I came across a piece of footage that touched me deeply. I found myself in tears as I watched this interchange between life partners. I imagine the moment took place on a lazy Sunday morning or perhaps in the late hours when the world is locked behind the door.

They were in the privacy of the room they share together. You never see the husband. But he holds the camera steady and attentively, for what will be a 10-minute long narration. As he was filming her she turns. I can see in her eyes the determination, but I also sense her vulnerability and her need to just be heard. She asks.

“Do you want to hear a story? I have this story in my head. Do you want to hear it?” The man apparently nods because she looked at him and smiled ever so slightly then sat on their bed and delved into this story, this idea, this thought without reservation or fear or doubt.

My tears flowed as I witnessed, what was to me, the raw intimacy that exists between trusted individuals who are sharing more than time and space, but their most sacred parts of themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, their souls.

Sharing self. Amazing.


StayCation 2009

by Pj in Family, Random


This was our family’s version of a vacation. One day. That was all we could manage to get all of us together and do something fun. How sad is that?! I know… it is up to “the Mom” to plan this stuff, but I always feel like they really don’t want me to bother with it all. They’d rather do their own thing.

Surprisingly, we always end up having a fun time. We definitely got banged up this year! I could not believe the boys did the stuff they did out of that tree! Are they insane? Obviously they are. So exhausted! So burned. So nice to get out of the heat! WE really need to plan another outing soon. WE will work on that! Won’t WE! (Click on the picutre for a really cheesy video.)

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