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Farrah Fawcett

by Pj in Random


Today Farrah Fawcett was buried.

I realize that the media is very busy reminding us all about the life and death of other well known world citizens, but today I tried to think about Farrah and what she meant to me and perhaps to other women of my generation.

Remember that commercial; don’t hate me because I’m beautiful? I don’t think she ever was in that commercial. She didn’t have to be. She was that commercial. I think it is safe to say that we all watched Charlie’s Angle’s and we were awed by how beautiful and smart and self sufficient and funny these women were.

I think hate is too strong of a word, but certainly I wanted to find something wrong with Farrah. I mean for heavens sake, back then she was married to the six million dollar man! Couldn’t hate her hair, we all got ours cut like hers! Her smile? Too perfect. Her body? To firm. Her voice? Now we’re talking! Her voice annoyed me a little. She sounded like a little girl. Maybe she isn’t so perfect after all. Maybe I could compete. My voice is really loud!

In the end, her life, her ambition and determination to do her best, her commitment to her work and her family was one of the still voices that silently inspired women to pursue their interests, whatever they might be, with or without a shag haircut.

Some say she wasn’t the best actress. Some say she wasn’t that beautiful. Some say her death reflects her life, shadowed by others till the end. I disagree. I know her name, her work, her life. And so do you. She contributed to society with creative courage. She contributed by living her life and doing her best, come what may.

I liked her because she was beautiful and helped me and many others understand that we all are.

You can’t bury that.


Too Soon

by Pj in Random

Driving home from teaching yesterday, the radio announced that Michael Jackson had been taken to the hospital.

mj.jpgUpon arriving home, Wistie walked into my office to tell me that 10 of her friends texted her the news that he had died. She wondered why they bothered. Did she not have access to the news herself? People like to share news, even the bad stuff, especially the bad stuff!

To be honest, I didn’t immediately feel the loss as many of my generation reported feeling. I think it is because I felt the loss of “Michael Jackson” years ago. He has been gone a long time.

Twenty-four hours later, I saw a montage of his performances. Then it hit me. It is difficult to appreciate what you have come to accept as normal. Although Michael Jackson was never “normal.” Geniuses rarely are. What he offered the world as a young man came to be what I expected him to offer — art in music and form. He set an extraordinary performance standard and then consistently surpassed it.

I don’t know what happened to that young Michael we all fell in love with. He was so talented, so bright, so promising and so COOL. In those early years he seemed genuinely happy and content as he pursued his dreams. But somewhere along his yellow brick road, his dreams transformed into the endless public nightmare that became the new norm. A nightmare from which none of us awoke.

He was gone way too soon.


Naturally Natural

by Pj in Random







Have you noticed lately how photographers are taking their subjects and placing them in nature? I think it is funny, unless of course they live in nature, like farmers or ranchers. So I decided to put my family in nature. I think the atmosphere really adds to the composition of the picture. It really lets everyone understand the complexity of the person.

For example, you get right away from the small table that Wistie has outgrown her life. The Shirley Temple locks draws the viewer in. Don’t you want to know what she is thinking?

The next shot lets you really feel the love between sisters as they embrace the space between them. As they physically abuse each other the viewer wants to participate and slap some sense into them.

Then we have the boys. Looking admirably up to their father. They both know, even at this age, he could beat the crap out of both of them. I like that.

After all, if you can’t get a man to smile at least you can get him to sit still for a picture.

Ahhh nature. It’s all so… natural.






California Girl!

by Pj in Random

pj.jpgThere is something wonderful about being my age … wait, it’ll come to me … now what the heck was I going to say?

Being the oldest in this particular group of friends is a little different because I don’t have to deal with babies or diapers … at least not baby diapers! But I digress.

I got up earlier than everyone because, at my age, I have learned how refreshing the morning is. Quiet and peaceful and hopeful and MINE! I rode a bike almost every morning for about an hour and, when I got back. most everyone was wasting the day away in BED!

We hit the beach and I got through two wonderful books. I love to read! For some reason, it seems to annoy people when I read. I guess they’re annoyed because they miss something … ME! And as you can tell, being Italian prevented a sunburn again this year!

I also didn’t have much of an appetite but I managed to eat my daily dose of peanut M&M’s and fresh donuts.

Of course, being a natural-born (northern) California girl, I felt right at home when we got near the coast … and my hair was pretty excited to be there too! Loved it! Always will.

Love being this age … I finally understand that no one really cares how I look or what I wear. It’s very, very liberating to do what I want; I have finally come to a place in my life where I am all about doing good rather than trying to look good. Good thing because I don’t have much of a choice anymore!


VaCay was A-Okay

by Pj in Random

pjcj.jpg I was hoping my other kids would come over to Newport for the weekend to enjoy the beach with me an CJ … but they didn’t! Losers! They missed out!
pjcj1.jpg pjcj2.jpg

Oh Ya

by Pj in Family

First night was lovely!


Two and one half days!

by Pj in Random


We get to go. We get to go. We get to go.



by Pj in Film Production

The work of writing and producing is …. Hard. Wow, aren’t I eloquent?

What I wish to convey is how difficult it is for me, with my rather anal personality, to always have work in progress and rarely have work completed. I like to finish. No, I need to finish. I know, it’s a sickness. So lets review the last couple of years to help me feel better.

We wrote two screenplays, produced one full length feature and two documentaries, one art instructional dvd, a half dozen shorts for friends and family, learned about legalities, researched out three other writing products, taught 3D animation classes, created several web sites and managed to gain weight.

Now we are ready to take our screenplays to the big boys. Once they are sold will I feel that sense of doneness? (Is that a word?) Probably not because we are now in the beginning stages of another screen play and I can’t lose weight!

Today, I will finish baking Saac’s birthday cake, then we will eat it. Great, something started, completed, consumed and cleaned. It will be a lovely day.

I feel so much better, thank you.


Glass Words

by Pj in Random


Born a parison
Pushed out to fit in.
Restrained caution
Feelings fractured
Flawed notes
Hushed and brushed
Beneath the surface.

Echo’s eddy
Twirling churning
Swirling shatter
Unrequited silence
Whispered Hiss
Beneath the flame
That refused the kiss .

Touching triggers
The quintessence within
Circling crystal
Painful pitch
The hum of one
Silence hollow sound.


Birthday PartAY

by Pj in Family

We’re goin to get wet!

Last week for Wistie’s birthday we went to Big Surf, unfortunately, she wasn’t there! This week we are all going to the Sun Splash in MESA. Come on down, unless you are a stick in the mud and even if you are… there is water there to wash it off!

Sooo, this is going to be us… tonight. mesasunsplash03.jpg and it could be you too!

Start the summer off with some fun, some thrills, some friends! sunsplash.jpg

Come what may, and love it! Might as well enjoy the ride!

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