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Thanks Yoda!

by Pj in Random

I am trying … No, I am changing the way I look at things. Once upon a time I would think of ideas, stories, poetry, song lyrics, movie ideas, restaurant themes, most anything. I would dwell on this idea. It would grow in my head. Sometimes after weeks, months or years I would go to watch a movie or read a book or eat at a restaurant and be sitting in someone else’s reality of my idea. I thought, wow, someone else beat me to the punch. Someone else wrote the story, or created the restaurant or painted the picture. Too late.

The next year I would see another similar story or book or restaurant and the next, another.

Finally, it dawned on me. I know I am 50 years of SLOW! If someone had the same idea it doesn’t mean it is a bad idea or even a used idea. Just the opposite. If I had the idea and others had similar ideas then it must be an idea others are interested in and perhaps there is room for all of our versions of this similar idea. It is still unique in very wonderful ways. Not doing it because others are doing it is just another excuse. Another fear of failure cloaked in commonness.

THE LAND OF REFUGE has been told in many books by many families. And yet it continues to be a story people like to read about or talk about and share. This is my version. I encourage everyone to share theirs.

For those who ponder on their story and think, “ oh it has been done!” Stop! It can be done again and told again and embraced again. Change the way you look at things. The world is waiting to be touched by us all. Don’t try… Do! And do it NOW.


I Believe!

by Pj in Random

cj.jpgThis year Santa’s helper was Ciera Jo. She was amazing! She found most of the gifts for the stockings, hung them with care and knew Saint Nick was going to be here. On Christmas Eve, after our guests leave, we have a time for being silly. It is the only time Chris lets his hair down… Okay… bad choice of words. It reminds me that he has a sense of humor still. The kids find this hard to believe but, at Christmas, one tends to believe the unbelievable. I hate making the kids do anything they complain about or whine about.
chris1.jpgI hate making anyone do what they say they do not want to do. I won’t nag or grovel. This year they told me they would not go see Santa. laughingkids1.jpgThey have said “no” to a lot of things lately. Okay, but one thing I insist upon is our annual under the tree picture. Every year, as with most families, new pj’s are the Christmas Eve gift allowance. The girls match and the boys match. I buy what is on sale. Sometimes they are pretty funny. This year the boys got Supermen. The girls got cute snowmen pj’s. They always run big. Remember the key word is SALE. Mine are always HUGE! More room for cake that way.


I don’t know about this Santa’s helper thing. I believe it was so much easier to believe when there were others who believed with you. There is some truth to the idea that if you build it, they will come. If you believe it, he will come, other wise you are stuffing your own stocking! Kind of like shooting your own foot. Either way, it’s goin’ to hurt. Not much fun in that!


There You’ll Be

by Pj in Random

bowmanchris.jpgWatch a movie about Christopher H Bowman

Today is Chris’ birthday. We won’t discuss how old he is, because we now know that is irrelevant. You are only as old as…you are. I hope this year he finds some relief in the physical pains he endures everyday. I hope this so he can enjoy life a little bit more this year. I hope he finds time to laugh and be more active. I hope he discovers new hobbies and pastimes that bring him pleasure and joy. I hope he sings more, plays more, sleeps more, laughs more, learns more and has more. He really does deserve it.


Playing Post Office

by Pj in Random

We mailed out the majority of the DVD’s on Saturday. A rather momentous occasion that seemed anti-climatic due to weird circumstances. This morning we received word from a few of the recipients and guess what….They liked it! Imagine that, someone saying something positive and uplifting and encouraging and supportive. What is this world coming to?

We had a good day. People are taking advantage of this time to order the movie for Christmas. We believe it makes a lovely Christmas gift for those folks that are rather difficult to buy for. They have everything and really want nothing, but this movie brings back memories and moments that they fondly remember. What a wonderful gift…if I say so myself. This also opens up dialogue with family members about what life used to be like.

We hope that those listening make the effort to get out that movie camera and document the voices, the recollections, the smiles, the tears of the story tellers in their own family. Every life has a story to tell. Take time to listen and appreciate those lives that lived and sacrificed and loved….for you.

You may choose to do your own sequel to THE LAND OF REFUGE. We hope you do! We will want to be on your mailing list!


by Pj in Family, Film Production, Random

wis.jpgSeeing your loved ones “bigger than life” almost enables the world to feel the enlarged heart of a mother … almost …


The Preview

by Pj in Film Production, Random

My sister and parents came all the way from California to share this momentous occasion with me. My husband and children were by my side selling tickets, directing traffic, greeting guests and some just choose to stay out of my way! benwis.jpgWistie surprised me and flew in on Saturday! She was going to wear a formal to the movie house! That girl is a hoot. I hid her dress! We chased each other around the house. She found it under my bed! cjmom.jpgCiera was ever so helpful, the little producer that she is. She had everything organized and timed out. Ben sold tickets. Saac warmed the seats. Always the gentleman. Chris thought to buy flowers for Cyndi and me … and presented them to us after the show. Did I see tears in his eyes? I’d like to think they were tears of pride not of humiliation, but who can tell from the gentle giant? saac.jpgMy father and mother were in attendance and rumor has it that she fell asleep! My father will remind us all that he is, after all, 80 years old! She is only 74, so I do not know what her excuse is! I did appreciate their support in coming to this event. It was a fun evening. Cyndi said we had to greet the guests and end with a Q&A. I was not happy about that but it went okay. It is times like these when you discover who really is “family” whether by blood or bond. I appreciate those who cared enough to come. And those who made the effort to call and wish me well (JOANIE!) and those who missed out … well … missed out.


Jouney On

by Pj in Film Production


What is it like to spend 10 years researching, writing, filming, scripting, casting, editing and finally debuting your work for friends, family and complete strangers? theater13.jpg

It was rather liberating. One of the funny things is that I don’t really care what they thought. Some came up to me and talked about what they didn’t like. I just smiled but seriously didn’t care. Don’t be confused. I wanted to know what they thought but at the same time their opinions did not bum me out or cause self-doubt to invade my fragile ego.

I am proud of this film. I believe it tells a good story because it is based on the journal writings of those who actually went through this ordeal. We spent hours, days, and weeks trying to find visuals that could represent their words and do justice to their lives. I believe it is amazing.

That is not to say there aren’t things I would like to change or make better, but at some point you have to move on. I have to move on. I think I am weird. I enjoyed the process more then the end result. Kind of like it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

For me, I like the journey. So….journey on!


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