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What Families Do

by Pj in Film Production, Mormon Colonies, Random

I grew up with a large extended family. I grew up hearing the adult whisperings. Sometimes there was muffled laughter, sometimes muted cries. Shock, grief, joy, love. It is what family is to me.

Living in the Colonies among people I was not related to by blood provided a different experience, an experience beyond family of origin. Sharing one’s day-to-day living with friends and neighbors builds extended bonds of family … strong connections that endure and sustain.

We were reviewing the documentary and I was struck by a particular interview. “Everyone was interested in you and you were interested in everyone else. It was like … a big family.” This from a man who spent his entire life in the Colonies.

This weekend we will be screening our documentary at the Superstition Springs Harkins Theater. Many of our friends and families have shown great love and support over the months as we stubbornly worked to complete this project. As the project reaches the finale, we are discovering who has a genuine interest in us and our efforts.

Filmmaking forces a lot of common time. We have had many private conversations about our lives. We have shared adult whisperings. Sometimes there has been muffled laughter, sometimes muted cries. This weekend we share our work with those who remain interested in what we’ve created. Not really a comfortable place for either of us, but the story was meant to be shared and we are sharing with those who care.

It is what familes do.


Blogging Buddies

by Pj in Random

The other night or, more accurately, morning, I was waiting for TWILIGHT to start and “the moms” were visiting. There was this one group of women around me that seemed to know everyone in the audience. I asked one of them how they knew each other. Her response shocked me. “Blogging.” I looked at her like she must be joking, but she said, “No, they really did meet through blogging” and not only that, but she met a “blogging friend” from Califonria and Utah for lunch when they were in town.

Does anyone else think this is strange? And potentially dangerous?

One of the women said she blogs THREE or FOUR times a DAY. Now that got me thinking… this might be an interesting documentary. Women, and I assume, men are connecting with each other in a unique and wonderful way with the written word. How provincial and life affirming. This opens up the possibility for dialogue with so many people from different cultures. One’s world can be enlarged without even leaving home.

I have often read or heard horror stories of stalkers or worse, locating lonely and vulnerable people through the internet, but to discover the other side, the positive side of the internet is lovely and creates hope.

I was telling my friend about it and commenting that after three years of blogging I have not met anyone. She suggested I am to inquisitive about others lives and not forthcoming about my own.

Does she not read my blog? Probably not.


Raised On Dublan Sunshine

by Pj in Random

The following is a very small piece made especially for Dublan. If the truth be known…The section on Juarez is a tad longer then Dublan. I know, I know. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. So I put together this little piece just for the Dublanites. You all might want to watch, just for the fun of it. Or not. The DVD is NOTHING like this, but life now-a-days is nothing like this either!
Have you reserved your seat for the preview on the 29th? Don’t dilly dally. And don’t forget you will not be able to buy them at the door. We already have the tickets. Once you have paid for them I can either mail them to you or you can pick them up at the office, my home or at will call.



by Pj in Film Production, Mormon Colonies, Random

the land of refuge

Reserve your tickets for the
exclusive screening
The Mormon Colonies in Mexico Documentary

If you would like to attend the 7:00pm screening of THE LAND OF REFUGE at the Harkins Theater at Superstition Springs Harkins, Mesa, on the 29th of November please provide the following information.

When you push the SUBMIT button an EMAIL MESSAGE will pop up. Please push SEND to get your information to us. We will contact you via email or telephone within 24 hours. We look forward to seeing you at the screening!


The Land of Refuge

by Pj in Film Production, Mormon Colonies, Random


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