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Letting Go

by Pj in Film Production

We created this ad for a small publication in the Mesa, Arizona area. It will be out next week. I posted it and sent out the link to some friends for feedback and before I woke the next morning someone had already purchased a copy of The Mormon Colonies in Mexico DVD.

All along this journey, I kept encountering people who were interested and wanted to know when and where they could get the finished product. I kept wondering if there would ever be a finished product. Well, now they know. In addition to wondering if it would every be completed, I have certainly had moments over the last 10 years when I wondered about relevance of all of this. It is just history! Who really cares? I admit there were times I didn’t. Then I would start reading something and the project would haunt me some more and I would get back to work on it.

I think I would have just kept researching for the rest of my life if one day Cyndi didn’t say, “Enough already. Let’s get this thing done!” So after my ten-year incubation period, about 30 days ago, we started compiling all I knew. She took all my books and became absorbed in the history herself. She found the story fascinating. In discussion, we decided the best format for the story. cryingbaby.jpgWe traveled to local historical libraries and found a wealth of photos to breathe life into the words we had been reading. We found more journals and histories (thank you Uncle Don!) to add even more depth and diversity to the story. In truth, I could keep researching forever because the amount of information about the settlers and their descendants really is endless. We have discussed the possibility of “sequels” for each individual colony because it seems that there are dozens of powerful and inspiring stories in each colony. We hope and invite others to share their stories about this place and time. To help the sharing, we are establishing a “wiki” site for that to occur. (Like Wikipedia, everyone can post stories and photos and movies for others to see and enjoy!)

As for me, I guess I’ve carried this baby long enough. It is time to send this project out into the world. I am ready to let it go so that others can take it in.


Beat Life Up

by Pj in Random

Sometimes life beats you up.
This month has been … growthful. Is that the right word?

I was talking to someone about how difficult it is at times to believe in anything when so many things are unbelievable. There is all this violence in the world. So much hate and prejudice and ugliness and … anyway. I was complaining about how much of the world’s contention and conflict is based on religious differences when religion and faith are what is supposed to motivate us to be kind and gracious toward one another. The irony of that makes me wonder. My conversation buddy reminded me that struggles are what make us grow and develop and examine life. A young parent is tempted to do everything for their child, protect them from harm or injury, but a loving parent is a cheerleader and coach, and sometimes that means letting life lessons teach. Sometimes I just want to slap that girl silly!

boxing.jpgThis week, her teaching came to give her a lesson. Not so funny when that happens. She gets another request to provide for others. A request that is unreasonable given her current circumstances. This has knocked the wind out of her sailing heart. She has had to face what family and friends have told her for years. She has been used and manipulated. There is that awful moment when, by their behavior, you realize that someone you care does not care for you, are not even paying attention to your needs, can be heartbreaking… and also liberating.

I may not be her parent, but I like to think I am her friend. It is so difficult to watch friends go through challenges and not know what to say or if you should do something. If you do, are you limiting their growth or by not following your instincts are you limiting your own.

Sometimes we need to beat life up. Makes the muscles strong. My turn to shut up.



by Pj in Film Production

Pamela Jo Bowman and Cyndi Greening have been teaching 3D animation, filmmaking and media arts to individuals and groups at Phoenix Country Day School, Arizona State University, and Maricopa Community Colleges since 1989. They took a 14-member student crew to Zambia, Africa to make the first dramatic narrative feature film in that country and a documentary about the experience. Their students work in the the film industry, for graphic design firms, advertising agencies, print companies and game manufacturers. Their students also use their skills to make personal histories and commemorative items for their families and friends.

Space is limited. To reserve your space in the class, call or send an email to Pamela Jo Bowman using the information below. Invite your friends and other Mac enthusiasts to participate in this valuable and useful class.


Email: pamelabowman2@cox.net OR cynematik@cox.net
Call: 480.577.6380 OR 602.740.1446

Date: Thursday, June 26
Time: 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Place: Val Vista Club house
Class limited to 20
Cost: only $30.00

Your Macintosh or PC laptop
Your digital camera with photos
Cables for downloading
USB drive

Understand your Macintosh tools
Use your software more effectively
Find your files quickly
Back up your data and free up space

Download your images from your camera
Set the right resolution
Color correct your photographs
Get better skintones

Fix scratches and remove spots
Add contrast and snap
Insert or remove people

Make a movie and export
Make a slideshow and export
Add music


Little Boy Blue

by Pj in Family



Watch a movie about Christopher Isaac

“Saac” is my first born child. My guinea pig for sure. He delights in telling me stories of all my mistakes, but if my mistakes were what made him as wonderful as he is then dang I am good! Happy Birthday Saac. I cherish you and always will. (Click on the picture to see the cute boy do his stuff)



Weary, but Willing

by Pj in Film Production

So weary. We taught today. We taught 13–year-olds a software program called Maya. It is very complex. I have decided that engineers must have created it. I truly believe that those brainiacs cannot comprehend the many different ways that people think. I certainly realize that I do not think like engineers! They make everything unnecessarily complex. It takes three actions just to move something.

The kids, on the other hand, grasped the concepts and soon they had spaceships flying through their imaginary universes. Traveling from station to station to keep the students caught up while Cyndi lectured was exhausting. I do not know how she does it. Everyone kept asking her for clarification (including me!) and she is able to answer all the questions calmly! Is she human? I am really beginning to wonder.

My daughter was the only female student in the room. Her spaceship was lavender. I kid you not! Kind of cute! All I know is she came home and immediately went to the computer and began practicing what she had learned today. She had two spacecraft flying on my desktop. Very cool.

images.jpegIf any of you are interested in learning this amazing art form, email me and I will see if I can fit you in. It is expensive, but it is worth it. There will always be a market for good animators. It only takes practice and an imagination. And it pays well. That’s all folks! (Link to site).

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